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Leanie is a thirty-something South African girl who now finds herself in the midst of an post-PhD existential crisis. In an attempt to define herself, she has developed a weird coping mechanism where she turns things that has happened to her into accomplishments – a kind of mental “things that I have done” list.

For example:

Thing that happened: Blind date went bad

Accomplishment on mental list: Go on worst date ever…check.

Why turn a coping mechanism into a blog?

Two reasons:

1) Some of the stuff on the list is just too awkward/amazing/kind of cool not to share.

2) To challenge herself to seek out more amazing things…

About the blog

Events are categorized as either:

1) Awkward

2) Amazing

3) Kind of cool. Which will be called “awesome”…because ¬†alliteration is awesome and “kind of cool” doesn’t start with an A. As in “I did this kind of cool thing…awesome!”

For a really awkward and amazing stories – start here

If you want to hire me as a freelance blogger, there’s a page for that too.


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