Harry Potter and the Ghost of Prague

This is a story about a ghost tour that I went on in Prague where some pretty spooky psychic things went down.

Awkward or Amazing?


I had 5 days in Prague

There’s an awful lot to see in Prague. I think it’s the most beautiful city. Beautiful doesn’t cut it, exactly. I don’t think I have sufficient adjectives to describe Prague. It’s just… Prague.

I was staying in a really cool hostel right next to Charles Bridge on the new side of town. The hostel doubled as a travel agent and you could book all kinds of tours and adventures at the reception. They also served free hot beverages which was perfect as we had pretty cold weather even though it was technically summer. I decided to sign up for a ghost tour.

A ghost tour in Prague

Prague is such a spooky city with probably many stories contributing to the city’s rich history. Just around sunset a bunch of people, including me, gathered around McGee’s Ghost Tour’s reception, right off of the old town square towards the Jewish quarters. The guide, dressed in an eerie cloak and carrying a lantern, welcomed us and asked us where we were from. He had a cute New Jersey accent, which didn’t quite fit the setting, but it contributed to his story-telling skills. And what skills did he have! He thrilled us with suspense with the chilling tales of ghosts that haunted the city still. The cape added to the mystery.

The alchemist tale

The second place that he took us to was near an alchemist shop. Apparently, Prague was rife with alchemist activities way back in the day and the ghost story that he wanted to tell had something to do with the alchemists. His story angle was to refer back to the first Harry Potter book which included an alchemist’s stone that Harry had to rescue from the claws of Lord Voldemort.

So the story-teller started off in a mysterious voice:

“You see, I’m a bit of a psychic. I’m getting some serious Harry Potter vibes from South Africa (me). Are you a fan?”

“A fan? I’m a fanatic. I’ve Harry Potter socks on (Slytherin house).”

After a round of applause for his psychic abilities, he continued with his storytelling.

Afterward, he thanked me for playing along. He said that he picked me because I wore glasses and was most likely to be a reader. It was then that I had to correct him. I wasn’t playing along. I really was wearing the Slytherin socks I got for Christmas. Look, it had a Hogwarts crest and everything.

For the rest of the tour, he called me Hermione. And I was very proud to be associated with the best young witch of the wizarding world. Now that I think about it, the owls that hang around our house all the time make a lot more sense now.

Back on topic: I gave McGee’s Ghost Tours a nice review on Tripadvisor and wore my Gryffindor socks the next day.

Life list entry: Got to be Hermione for a night

PS: I was sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore, but the Slytherin socks have a more subtle color scheme.


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