I’m Taking a Sabbatical to Travel Around the World!

I’ve been waiting to officially break the news for months…and now I can finally make it public: I’m taking a 7 month sabbatical to travel the world!

Awkward or Amazing?

Mostly amazing. In truth there has been many awkward moments, but I trust that they will be greatly eclipsed the undiluted awesomeness of the actual adventure!

Why I’m doing it now

I don’t think I have to explain WHY I’m doing it. That’s pretty obvious. But why now? I have a great job at a wonderful company with very exciting business initiatives running at the moment.

Why risk giving that all up to travel the world?

Well, I’ve got three major things going for me…

  1. I’m not attached to anyone and don’t have anyone (including pets and plants) that depend on me
  2. I don’t have any major debts or mortgages to service
  3. I have some cash lying around
  4. I have achieved some major goals recently and it’s time for new ones

This is a perfect situation to be in if you want to take time off to travel But on top of this there was one major deciding factor that made me take the career break leap:

This situation is not going to last. My window of opportunity is closing and if I want to go…I have to go NOW.

Planning a trip is part of the adventure

I’ve been dying to post about all the preparation that I’ve done so far, but I had to keep quiet (online at least) while I was busy negotiating my intended sabbatical with my company. Thankfully it all worked out: not only do I get to stay at the company, but I’ll get to return to a role that suits me much better than my current one.

Here’s an infographic of my travel plans and a list of stuff that I want to add to my Life List as a teaser.

My Sabbatical

 Stuff I plan to do on my sabbatical:

  • Urban exploration in Europe
  • Horse trekking in Kyrgyzstan
  • Take one of the greatest train journeys in North America: California Zephyr
  • Travel from Chicago to the most Southern Tip of Argentina
  • Chill out in the Caribbean
  • Drink coffee in Columbia
  • Traipse around the Amazon in Ecuador
  • Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
  • Kayak in AntarcticaFor the moment I’ll settle for this:Life List Entry: Commit to a Sabbatical to See the World

3 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Sabbatical to Travel Around the World!”

  1. Hi Dr. Louw, netjiese blog, plan lyk baie goed bietjie baie vir 7 maande, maar goodluck! Beplan ook ‘n trip in die amazone af, dink nie dit vloei rerig deur Equador nie? Vir ‘n cool caribbean trip kyk na ‘n seil cruise tussen die San Blas eilande, dink bietjie buite my budget veral omdat dit nie duik insluit nie, maar almal wat dit doen rave daaroor. Maybe sien ek jou by Machu Pichu!

    1. Dankie. Ek weet dis ‘n vol plan, maar die beste deel van planne is dat jy dit kan aanpas en verander soos jy aangaan. Ek kyk na ‘n trip met G-adventures in ecuador wat in die amazone oerwoud ingaan, hulle praat van rafting so ek het aangeneem dis op die amazone. Sal check en as dt nie so is nie gaan ek definitief kyk hoe ek by die ware jakob kan uitkom.

      1. Klink baie cool! Het nou net met Alya gechat, sy is ‘n Suid Amerika freak, al 4 trips soontoe gedoen, oppad vir 5de met my. Sy se jy is reg amasone oerwoud, nie amasone rivier nie, sy was al op trip vir paar dae daar en se fauna in Equador amasone was maar skraal, grootste verskeidenheid diere van piranhas tot krokodille, slange,pappegaaie en tucans beveel sy trip na die pantenal aan. Net ‘n tip, onthou San Blas in die Caribbean, Enjoy!

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